Our Mission

Our mission is to support the planet, the film community, and local arts and culture. By recycling the goods generated by the film industry, we are reducing the amount of waste going into landfills, while also supporting environmental mindfulness. Additionally, we encourage tax incentives for films made in New England. These tax incentives bring more creative job opportunities for people right here at home, as well as increases revenue for local businesses. Hollywood Salvage strives to serve as a resource for local independent filmmakers and national production companies. We support the creation of artistic works at all levels, while still being a resource for small, local arts and theater communities. We look forward to joining this vibrant community again as Hollywood Salvage. 

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Non-Profit Support

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Job Creation 

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Artist Enrichment

 Our Services 

Hollywood Salvage offers junk removal and on-demand storage services that removes, repurposes, and recycles your household items, converting them to Hollywood gold.   

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Junk Removal

'That's a Wrap!'  for your unwanted household junk. Our team gives your home a fresh start by removing your unwanted items.

On-Demand Storage

Is your house feeling cluttered these days? Our team can help you fold up those items and hold them for a later time.

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Hollywood Salvage truck

Movie Magic

From 'Home to Hollywood'. See your cherished household items up on the silver screen! 

Responsible Disposal 

We believe in recycling and environmental protection, listing your items in our props inventory is only one of the ways we are striving for a greener future.