The founders of Hollywood Salavage Shaun Nichols, Mike Gwynn, Andrew J. Boles, Ralph Caruso in their prop house in Devens, MA.

Our Founders

From left to right: Shaun Nichols, Mike Gwynn, Andrew J. Boles,  Ralph Caruso

The Story of Hollywood Salvage

The owners of Hollywood Salvage, Andrew J. Boles, Mike Gwynn, Ralph Caruso, Shaun Nichols, are passionate entrepreneurs who work with and support the development of the film industry, its artists, and trades that make movies happen. For years they marveled at the magic that each show's talented crews produced. However, they noticed that once each production wrapped the props and structures created for each production no longer had a purpose or a home, and would often end up being destroyed after the completion of filming. At first, piece by piece, they tried to save the dumpster-destined work as best they could. Filling up back yards and spare rooms, however, they soon realized that much more was needed.

Putting their heads and decades of experience together, they asked themselves “If we could create anything using the salvaged goods, what would we want to achieve?” They knew that they wanted to share their passion for film and its associated work, allowing people to see the art up close and even making it possible to take some home. This would also present an amazing opportunity to increase sustainability within the industry. It could showcase the talented workers involved in each production, increasing awareness of viable careers within film.
Their hope for Hollywood Salvage is to give these creative pieces, as well as the other props and costumes, a chance to continue on and begin their story again.

Thus the mission of Hollywood Salvage was born. To save, repurpose, and recycle cherished Hollywood memorabilia to be used again or live on preserving the production's legacy.

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Hollywood Salvage in the News

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