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Mike Gwynn, founder of Hollywood Salvage, is a Transportation Coordinator in the Massachusetts Film industry.  A team oriented leader, Mike knows the true value of comaraderie and strength in numbers. The well-being of his crew is his first priority, no matter which production he is working on. To bring his crew closer together, Mike decided to create hoodies that all his team members could wear. Since that day East Coast Film Crew apparel has taken the Massachusetts Film Production industry by storm, spreading in popularity faster than a Hollywood blockbuster. 

Whether you've work in the Massachusetts Film industry, or you're just a supporter of it, East Coast Film Crew apparel is your way of being part of all the action.


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Colors Available: 

  • Cherry Red

  • Black

  • grey

  • heather grey

  • white

Additional Products: 

  • Long Sleeve shirts

  • Short Sleeve shirts

  • Polo shirts

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