Filmmakers after they took Hollywood Salvage's filmmaking seminar.

Film Events

Hollywood Salavge is creating a series of events for filmmakers in Massachusetts, like you. We hope to foster a support community for filmmakers, where artists can feel safe to share their work, and receive valuable feedback from other filmmakers. 

Future groups will include writing clubs, book clubs, skills classes, industry seminars, and pitch classes. All these events will help you improve your knowledge, and position you for a prosperous career in the film industry.


We welcome all levels of filmmakers. 

"A rough cut is the first edited version of a film, which may include unfinished visual effects and a temporary musical score. Rough cuts are sometimes used during focus group screenings. Scenes will continue to be tweaked or removed at the discretion of the director and editor before reaching a final cut. Rough cuts, and especially assembly cuts, tend to be far longer than the finished film. " - Studio Binder
Aspring filmmakers use their skills from Hollywood Salvage's workshop in the field.
Coming Soon

Events For Filmmakers

We’re working on getting our upcoming filmmakering events finalized. We know you're eagerly waiting to start making movie magic, so feel free to gives a call to ask any questions. 

Hollywood Salvage 

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