'Hold and Fold'

Our On-Demand storage service holds and keeps safe your most cherished treasures, while you enjoy the comfort of your new spacious home.  

As an added bonus, Hollywood Salvage offers our On-Demand storage customers a chance to list their items in our prop inventory.


Who knows, your grandfather's favorite chair could find its way into the movies!

Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara
Store your items,
use them when you need it. 

What We do for you

Our highly skilled team of movers will pick up your items, and store them at our facilities until you need them again. 

Our storage units are fully-licensed and insured, temperature controlled, and well-ventilated so you can store even the most delicate items. 

We will also list any interesting items in our props inventory - with your permission of course - to give it a chance to be in the movies.


We do it all to help make your life easier, except drop the kids off at soccer.  

*storage only items will be stored at 320 Charger St, Revere, MA.

*Items to be listed in our props inventory will be stored at our prophouse 78 Barnum Rd, Devens, MA.

Am illustration of moving boxes and furniture.


An illustraiton of Hollywood Salvages storage facility.

List In Our Props Database

An illustration of a Hollywood Salvage truck on the move.