Our Services

Hollywood Salvage is an on-demand storage and junk removal company that removes, repurposes, and recycles your household items, converting them to Hollywood gold. 

A Hollywood Salvage work van parked outside a house.
Spacious living room in Westborough ma.
A full storage warehouse.

Junk Removal

'That's a Wrap!'  for your unwanted household junk. Our team will come in and remove your unwanted household items.

On-Demand Storage

Is your house feeling cluttered these days? Our team can help you fold up those items and hold them for a later time.

Household items used as props on a film set.
A parked Hollywood Salvage box truck.

Movie Magic

From 'Home to Hollywood'. See your cherished household items up on the silver screen. 

Responsible Disposal 

We believe in recycling and environmental protection, listing your items in our props inventory is only one of the ways we are striving for a greener future.